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Iyo (イヨ) is one of the main character in Animal Yokocho.


Iyo is a rabbit and one of the three creatures from AniYoko, known as the "Happy AniYoko Trio". She's 3 years old, and she's friends with Ami, Issa, and Kenta. Iyo is selfish and vain, but she tries to act cheerful and cute. She has a habit of dying when neglected or abused, only to return to life when a suitable apology is made. She somewhat resembles a Snowshoe Rabbit. Her date of birth is 4 January and her zodiac sign is Capricorn.

Special Abilities[]

Iyo-pe Beam[]

One of the abilities Iyo uses the most. If she's annoyed with others (Especially Kenta), she targets them, and shouts "Iyo-pe beam!", and shocks them. There's also "Iyo-pe Best Beam", which is stronger than the Iyo-pe Beam.

Iyo-chander Attack[]

Iyo does this by shouting "Iyo-chander attack!", and pushes, or kicks someone.

Super Iyo-pe Bomb[]

Iyo does this by jumping up, and spinning as she is landing, and lands on top of someone.


Iyo's ears can storage items and liquids (Iyo's Special Diet Juice). And her pet turtle, Mr. Nonoko-chan lives in a fully furnished room in one of her ears.



Iyo is great friends with Ami. But she likes to annoy her a lot. If Ami doesn't want to play a game with Iyo, Iyo will not take no for an answer.


Iyo likes to tease and scare Issa a lot. She'll tell scary stories or do scary things in order to scare Issa.


Iyo has a love/hate relationship with Kenta. She tries to pick fights and annoy Kenta. It's shown that Iyo will sometimes do nice things for Kenta when she put in his favorite meat in a hot pot soup.

Iyo and Kenta fighting over a piece of cake.